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Kamel Benddif Artist photographer Kamel Benddif Artist photographer
macro photography
artistic picture
photo for interior decoration

KB Foto Art ©Kamel Benddif 2022


I started taking photos 10 years ago. With just a small compact camera to take vacation photos, I felt like the King of the world!

Year after year, this passion has taken more and more space in my life. I moved on to a reflex camera, I expanded my equipment and perfected my technique while learning to discover myself as a photographer.

During this time, I realized that technique is important, but it is my sensitivity and curiosity that have allowed me to find joy in capturing everyday scenes through my gaze.

Photography is my outlet. It allows me to freeze amazing moments, perspectives, colors, shadows and reflections. I like to show the detail of materials and work on textures.

I photograph by instinct what visually appeals to me, it can be a monument, a portrait but especially everyday objects that accompany us.

My challenge is to sublimate everything around us of what seems so ordinary.

I have a strong attraction to proxy or macro photography, thus opening myself to the infinitely small and its wealth of details. I find it amazing, for example, what can be discovered in a drop of water, like a magic show that brings us in and enchants us.

Guided by inspiration, I let my horizon expand to the infinite...

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